Book Review: The Bankruptcy Alternative by Bruce Bowler

It isn’t often that I read a book where the author provides such a personal and honest account of their experience. Coming to the realization that a business isn’t going to succeed is difficult, and emotionally charged.

The Bankruptcy Alternative provides the reader with an honest, unvarnished look at the circumstances of Bruce’s business demise, as well as how he was able to close his business his way.

We all know that entrepreneurship is challenging. Sometimes people enter into business with the best of intentions only to discover they are unable to succeed. This can be due to internal or external factors. While the reason isn’t as important as the decision and implementation process, Bruce provides the reader with a cautionary tale.

I think this book offers a number of valuable lessons for any business owner, even the successful ones. The details of Bruce’s self managed liquidation are deep. While you may not be interested in the more finite details of the financial arrangements and negotiations, some readers will find ideas for how they can handle their own loan, lease, or contract negotiations.

Lastly, I applaud Bruce for sharing his story. It is apparent that those years were difficult and challenging. Putting the experience in writing offers the reader an alternative roadmap they can follow if they find themselves in the same situation. It's also a good read for anyone interested in business. This really is a good news, survival story.

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