Cyber Phishing Warning From Steve Giordano of TeamLogic IT

Steve Giordano with TeamLogic IT shares the following:

Cyber criminals are using a Docu Sign scam in a phishing email. This is what we are now seeing

  • A business associate of yours has their email hacked and the hacker gets the
    associates contact list and perhaps sees correspondence with you and/or your company
  • You receive an email from the person that was hacked, stating they have sent you documents using Docu Sign.
  • There is a link for you to click and register with Docu Sign so you can retrieve and sign the documents
  • The link takes you to a new page where you are asked to provide information including your email address and password
  • If you provide the information, the hacker now has your info and has access to your email and perhaps other applications.

Things to look for
  • The email may be from a trusted source but were you expecting the email ?
  • Does the senders name match the senders true email address?
  • Place your mouse of the link but do not click on the click. When you do this, the URL should then be visible in a small pop up window. In the situation I reference, the URL of the link was the following -^$%&^*#^#$^&*^&(@*@#&@^(&#^*&@#^#^
  • In this case, does not exist and the URL is suspect

Be cautious if you receive any emails regarding Docu Sign.

* * * * 

I am grateful to Steve for continuing to share potential dangers with us. If you have any concerns around cyber security, please reach out to Steve. He's a valuable resource for any business.

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