What's Your Leadership Gap?

Seems like we are seeing all kinds of leadership challenges these days. From the airlines to telecommunication companies to government, we see stories daily where leaders are challenged to make good decisions. 

Lolly Daskal has taken this issue on in her new book, The Leadership Gap, What Gets Between You And Your Greatness. Publishing in mid-May 2017, this is a wonderful deep dive into 7 leadership archetypes and their accompanying gap. 

According to Daskal, at any given time we can experience any of the archetypes. And, we can find ourselves in the gap instead. Owning the realities of leadership gaps and learning how to overcome them can have a major impact on how effective you can be as a leader.

I think this book is ideal for everyone seeking to be the best leader they can be - in any aspect of their life, business, and career. 

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