Why Being Small Is Good

I’m currently at Podcast Movement
learning interesting things I can take back to make my radio show better. I’m meeting some great people as well. BlogTalkRadio is here – that’s the platform I use to do my show. I’ve commented to a number of people about how great the customer service is.

It’s got me thinking about the huge difference between large and small companies. This morning I had to call my bank. I had received a message that if I didn’t register my new chip enabled cards they would cease to work as of July 12th. I called them because I had already registered them – I just don’t use them. You see, they made me get a couple of cards when the chip thing happened. Not my choice but, I went with it.

When I called the very nice girl told me that, yes, my cards were already registered. They just sent out mass phone calls to make sure they covered everyone. So, because they couldn’t use technology to identify who they hadn’t heard from, I had to take time out of my day to ensure my accounts were all set.

That is the mindset of a large company. They do things that make their lives easier – not their customers. Small businesses, on the other hand, make decisions with their customers in mind. They think about how the decision will impact their client.

Even more importantly, they make decisions specifically FOR their clients.

They can.

They are small.

That’s the power of being small. Small businesses have the ability to really know their customers and work with them on a customized basis. That’s how the customer knows they are valued and that the company is paying attention to them.

When you value your clients you take the time to know them and to deal with them based on their profile, their needs, their experience with your company. And that makes all the difference.

How will you do for your clients today? Whether you are small, midsize or large – act small. It matters.

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