What is the Entrepreneurial Personality Type?

Alex Charfen shared some incredibly valuable information with us on Monday, July 11, 2016 on Accelerate Your Business Growth. If you’ve ever wondered if you are different then you are probably an EPT. Alex talked about the 3 states of being for EPTs – Momentum, Facing Resistance, and In Constraint.

When he was telling us about these I was thinking about circumstances I’ve found myself in that matched these states. It was a big aha moment for me. There are 10 attributes of an EPT. I found it interesting that these are attributes – neither good nor bad. They just are! Alex explained how these attributes can work for us or against us.

One of the most impactful things I heard was the 4 Step Process to get all of the success you want. The steps are:
  1. Lower pressure and noise
  2. Increase protection and support
  3. Your strengths and abilities will increase and grow when you lower the noise and increase protection
  4. You will then make your greatest contribution

This is what Alex calls the contribution equation. And guess what? It can work for anyone! When you listen to the show you might think that you don’t have the EPT. Okay! You will, however, also notice that you can make your greatest contribution and have the affluence and wealth you want if you follow the steps.

Check it out and then visit www.alexcharfen.com/aybg to get free access to Alex’s webinar on the Tactics of High Growth Business. 

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