30 Second Intro - A Better Way

By now you probably know that I am on a mission to rid the world of 'pitches' and 'commercials.' I much prefer introductions. After all, that 30 seconds you have is really designed to start a conversation, not make a sale.

I recently had the pleasure of hearing Randy Samsel's 30 second introduction and just loved it! I asked his permission to share it with you and he graciously agreed. As a matter of fact, he gave me both his previous intro and his current intro. 

Let's start with his previous 'pitch'

Future State Talent is a talent consultancy. We help our clients create and implement talent plans so they will always have the leadership and talent they need to reach their strategic goals. We also help our clients develop talent practices that will help them become a talent magnet.

Okay, not too bad. Now his current intro

Future State Talent is a consulting firm. As a Northeast Ohio resident, you know the great feeling that comes with winning a championship because of the Cavs recent victory! We help companies and their teams feel like winners all the time. When people feel like winners, they are happier and more productive, and that helps our clients become more profitable.

The way we do that is based on a fundamental belief that all people want to win and succeed. In a team environment like a company, the best way to win is to use each individual’s strengths while working toward a common goal, or purpose. We help our clients define and communicate that purpose and identify individual’s strengths so they can use them to help the company reach their goals. When it all comes together, it produces championship results. 

Do you see the difference? The second one says more, but in a casual, engaging sort of way. It's human-speak. It's plain English so anyone can understand what his company, Future State Talent, is all about.

And that's the point. You aren't supposed to be wowwing people with how flowery you can describe your business. You ARE supposed to start a conversation. Well, let me tell you this - people tune out when you start speaking in structured, acronym laden talk. And you know it because you tune out when other people start talking.

Let's slow it down, make it more simple, and treat it as the first thing we would say in any casual conversation.

Go on, give it a try. If you want some feedback, email it to me. I'd be happy to take a look at provide my thoughts.

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