Know Just Enough

There are so many opportunities to network that we could be doing it day and night. And we can convince ourselves that we are supposed to meet as many people as possible. I’m not so sure that’s true.

I am launching one of my products in the Columbus Ohio area in early 2016. It requires a location with a conference room that can accommodate around 20 people. I decided to ask the people in my networking groups in Cleveland if they know any business people in Columbus. The response was amazing! I already have a couple of potential locations as well as people who I can invite to the introductory meeting.

Through this experience I realized that I don’t need to know everyone. I just need to know enough people. Because they know people! And that is really what building a business network is all about. When you are intentional about building relationships with the people it makes sense to engage with, those relationships serve you over time. And you are able to help them as well.

So, what do we do? How do we take this information and incorporate it into our business? First, take stock of where you are. Who do you know? How good are those relationships? Are there some that probably need to end and others that could use a little more attention?

When you’ve determined where you are take some action. Reengage with the people who you feel you should be more involved with. And just let the other relationships drift away.

As you move forward with your networking take it slow. Remember that it’s not a numbers game. It’s about quality. So, grow your contact base in an intentional way. The energy you put into those relationships is invaluable. You may not realize the benefit right away. As a matter of fact, you probably won’t. But one day, when you need something for your business, you’ll reach out to your network and they’ll deliver.

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