Create Your "Thought Train"

Any idea what a “thought train” is? It’s the connectivity between logical next thoughts. And
actually when you work it backwards you can identify the thoughts that your prospect is going to have, in order, and work with them through that process. It’s a means of staying in control of the sales process.

Now, I love that concept. I firmly believe that it is the responsibility of the salesperson to maintain control of the sales process. Imagine if you could be ahead of your prospect; imagine if you knew what their next thought was going to be and you could address it as they were thinking it, or before! Talk about control!

This is not my idea. It is the genius of Kenneth Jennings, the mind behind Mr. Rekey Locksmith® Services. He was my guest today on Accelerate Your Business Growth radio show. Do your business a favor and listen to the whole conversation. It’s really worth it! Ken shared some great ideas that every business owner can embrace.

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