[Live training] The best shortcut marketing tool I’ve found yet. . .

I’m always on the lookout for new tools that will save me (and my team) hours of time and energy we should be spending on other parts of our business.

That’s why I was ecstatic when I first discovered LeadPages. It’s one of the best marketing shortcuts we have ever used.

In case you’re not familiar with LeadPages, this lead generation platform allows you to build entire landing pages for your business in a matter of minutes.

This week, LeadPages is hosting a special one-time-only webinar to show you exactly how to use this shortcut in your business.

This all-new training is happening Friday, July 10th at 3 pm Eastern (12 noon Pacific).

As our subscriber, you’re invited to attend this live training.

Inside this live training, you’ll discover...

· The Most Neglected Landing Page Opportunity on Your Site: Most people never even think of this as a landing page, but it’s one webpage that every marketer should be using to generate leads.

· 3 Ways to Generate Leads Outside Your Site: You’ll see the best practices for growing your email list through joint venture partners, guest blog posts and social media.

· How to Get a 98% Conversion Rate: Find out why (and how) LeadPages latest conversion tool already has a 98% opt-in rate. You’ll also see how to start using this tool at no extra charge.

That’s just a glimpse. Click below for a full look at what to expect from this live training.

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