Success Through Serendipity

The other night Frans Johannson spoke to an engaged audience at the COSE ThinkSpot
event. His take on serendipity and innovation is worth paying attention to. One of the most impactful things he said was to not take the predictable path. It is so easy to go down the road that is logical; that makes the most sense to you because of your industry. However, if you think about it, everyone in your industry is following that path. So how are you differentiating your company? Exactly – you’re most likely not!

Moreover, logic doesn’t necessarily make sense when you are growing a company. Sometimes looking at things differently and paying attention to the surprises is what makes all the difference. Frans tells us that the unexpected is what makes us stand apart. He suggests we invite serendipity by not looking for the obvious path.

When we come up with many ideas and push ourselves to come up with something different we find the road to success. It is those moments Frans writes about in his new book, Click Moments that work the best. And we are constantly confronted with surprises and unexpected moments. As my grandmother used to say, “life is long and full of wonder.”

How will you harness the power of the unexpected? How will you use the surprises you experience to succeed?

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