The Lesson of Customer Care From ICON15

Imagine a vendor who was totally invested in your success; a vendor who consistently considered your needs and helped you meet them. I think it’s hard to find vendors who aren’t focused on their own needs and how their clients can help them achieve them.

And then there’s Infusionsoft. I just spent 4 days with them, their partners, and 3000 of their clients at ICON15. This user’s conference really is all about the customer. It’s about the good, the bad, and the ugly of small business. And it’s all about helping their clients grow and strive.

If you aren’t familiar with Infusionsoft, it is sales and marketing software. It was created by a couple of guys who were providing answers to the challenges their clients would bring them.

And it is so much more. As they say, it is a community. A community of people who are genuinely interested in the success of small business and the future of the middle class. Clate Mask, CEO of Infusionsoft shared some of his thoughts during our visit to their headquarters. Their driving force is what can we help you with; what are the things you are trying to do in your business.

One of the most interesting things I learned is that they understand there are things they should take on and others they shouldn’t. When there is a small business need that they should not take on, they find what they consider to be the best solution and partner. This maximizes the benefit they can be to their clients. And we can all learn from this.

Another valuable point is that they stay true to their target market. They had to make a decision about where they serve best, and to stay there. This is in the 1-25 (no more than 100) employee space. And yes, that is very small. What they know to be true is that this is the space where they can have the greatest impact. So, this is where they should stay.

This is a case study of customer care. When you focus on what your clients need and provide them with the things that are your core competency your customers thrive, and by extension, so do you. And when you aren’t afraid to stay in your niche, you are able to continue to provide your best value. It’s not about growing outside your target market. It’s about growing for your target market.

So, when you are looking at your small business and making decisions about how you should move forward, remember these lessons:

1.    Know your value
2.    Know your market
3.    Stay true to these two things

It may sound simple but it works. Just ask the 600+ employees of Infusionsoft. Or better yet, ask the 10,000+ customers. They will confirm how well this works and can work for your business.

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