Review: The Four Intelligences of the Business Mind

The 4 Intelligences of the Business Mind by Valeh Nazemoff Is a pretty interesting book and can be valuable to small business owners. The author breaks down 4 areas of the brain when it comes to business:
  •        Financial Intelligence
  •        Customer Intelligence
  •        Data Intelligence
  •        Mastermind intelligence

The author talks about each of these intelligences in detail and how you can determine which mind you have. Some of us have one, some may have a couple. None of us have all four fully developed.

We have to have all four to have a successful business. So this helps a business owner determine if there is an area they should learn more about so they can be more effective. It also allows them to decide if they should hire or outsource for that expertise. A business leader can say they are going to take it on and can use the book to identify what they need to learn and focus on.

If they decide to bring in outside assistance it tells them what to hire for, what sort of expertise, what sort of mind someone needs to have in order to be helpful to their business.

I found it to be an easy read and yet detailed at the same time. There is even a chapter on integrating the 4 intelligences. I think it’s worth reading. You can go straight to an area you are interested in or read the whole thing. It’s not a heavy read - only about 120 pages of very clear information that any business owner would find valuable.

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