High Tech And High Touch Marketing

When I took my coaching certification course we learned about all kinds of marketing avenues. Some were high tech and some were high touch. I’ve implemented a couple of each and over time have come to realize that they aren’t mutually exclusive.

I submit that high tech marketing should always be paired with touch. In other words, don’t leave it to digital marketing alone. You have to connect directly with people to build the relationships necessary to move your business forward.

The great thing about high tech marketing is that it enhances and can accelerate the process. It just shouldn't work alone, in my opinion. Humans are social animals. We like to look someone in the eye to get a read on them. And we like the personal touch. Remember that people want to know that you want to do business with them specifically – not just with anyone. If you rely solely on high tech you’ll send the message that you are fishing and will take anyone who responds. I submit that the wrong message.

Prospects want to know that you have a solution for THEM, not everyone. So, use your high tech marketing to start the conversation. And then go to high touch. Connect, engage, build. It’s the best road to sales success.

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