Customer Experience Should Come First

There are so many lessons we as small business owners can learn from big business - mostly what not to do. Yesterday I spent more time on the tarmac at JFK than I did in the air
getting to my destination. Why? Because we were waiting for the first officer to get to the plane.

Now, I ask you - why not wait to board the passengers until the entire flight crew is there? I don't know! It does point to a real issue in business and that is customer experience. This is a prime example of a company putting its focus someplace else. It seems like such a simple thing to implement; something that would go a long way to improving how customers feel about flying. And yet, there is no thought around the impact this has on the customer experience.

I believe these things happen to large companies because they get so far away from their customers that they make decisions based on financials. Don't get me wrong, the financials matter. I submit, however, that the way to healthy financials is meeting the needs of your customers. When customers are happy they return and they refer. What's better than having a thrilled customer who prefers your business over every other one out there, AND tells people about it?

On the flip side is the bad experience. Believe me, those customers are telling people about it! It's just not in a good way. As a small business owner you have the power and ability to put the client experience first. Focus on what matters to them and they will focus on you. That's how it works.

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