Inspired Ideas for Business Growth

The other night I had the extreme pleasure of attending a COSE thinkspot event where Cameron Herold was the keynote speaker. He offered so many ideas and strategies for business success that I found myself listening more than writing. I didn't want to miss a word.

Much of what he shared really sunk in and I found myself sharing his ideas with others as I went about my business. The first topic he shared - Vivid Vision - is right in line with my Roadmapping for Business Success. As Cameron explains it, you should look out three years and visualize what your business looks like. Then you paint a picture of that vision - something you can share with others. Something that either really inspires them or turns them away.

This matters because WHO you have working with you is just as important as where you are going. If the right people aren't with you then you are hurting your business. 

Cameron reinforced the idea that when you have people with high values and high skills you should handcuff them to your company. This means finding out what matters to them and give it to them. Otherwise, someone else is going to poach them. When you have someone who has high values but low results you need to put them in the right seat. They aren't doing what they are good at but they still provide value to your company because of their values.

When you have someone with low values and low results - this is the easy one - you fire them.  When you have someone with low values and high results - you fire them. The belief is this - you break our core values, you can't work here anymore. It's that simple. It doesn't matter what their skill set is. They are a cancer to your organization.

Of course, in order to know what your core values are, you need to have your vivid vision. 

Do your business a favor and spend some quality time with yourself and your vision. Work it out and then share it with everyone else. Live it, breath it, speak it often.

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