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It's The Relationship, Stupid!

Too many small business owners and salespeople are out there making promises they have no intention of keeping. They’re asking for favors from strangers; they’re expecting others to sell for them. None of this is good. And in today’s competitive economy, it’s disastrous.

Those who are going to survive and thrive are the business owners and salespeople who are building and nurturing real relationships. Many of you are reading this and saying ‘Well, duh!’

Before you go off assuming you are on top of this, think through your relationships with your clients, referral partners, connections, and associates. Are you promising what you aren’t delivering? Are you meeting someone and jumping into bed with them before you know their name (metaphorically)? Sometimes we get so used to what we are doing that we don’t take the time to make sure we are building real relationships.

It's worth the time to get to know your prospects, clients, partners and connections. Only then can you determine if they are someone you want to continue to engage with. Moreover, you have to be sure you are following through with what you promise. The majority of people and businesses would rather hear the truth than be told something they want to hear only to find it wasn't real.

Know what you do, what you don't do, and what you want to be doing. Build honest and true relationships and you will find that they flourish and bear results time and time again. It's a better use of your time than the one hit event. And your reputation will remain high.

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