Must Read for SMBs

As you know, I like clarity and specificity. I’d rather have someone tell me how to do something along with the “why” than listen to a lot of theory. I like action. So, I really like the book Business Techniques for Growth by Thomas H. Gray.

In this book he outlines how to grow a business while providing those techniques mentioned in the title. And he starts with employees which I think is wonderful. After all, if your employees aren’t engaged nothing else is going to matter much.

Gray starts each section with a table of the topic, technique, and recap of the content you’ll receive. Then he systematically goes through each topic providing you with the technique and the reasoning behind it. This book is really great for all small business owners, regardless of where they are in their business. And he writes with a straightforward, succinct style that makes it easy to take what he says and implement.

If you are newly launched, read this book. If you’ve been in business for a while, read this book! This book can help you tighten up your company so you realize the success you desire. 

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