Marketing Simplified

Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking with Ivana Taylor on Accelerate Your Business Growth Radio Show. Ivana shared her tips about small business marketing. She talked about four marketing styles:

  • Social Style
  • Persuasive Style
  • Analytical Style
  • Creative Style

It’s important to understand your style so you can develop a strategy that makes the most sense for you and your business. Ivana also talked about the importance of understanding what your marketing goals. Identify who can help you meet those goals and develop relationships with those influencers.

Also important is knowing what you can automate and what you can’t. You can automate some posts but you can’t automate conversations.

To learn more about your marketing style and what to do with it, you can listen to the show and visit Ivana’s website to take her style assessment. There you’ll also find tools for creating and implementing your strategy.

And check out Bizapalooza on July 9-11 to learn client acquisition and retention secrets of the best small business experts.

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