New Book! Hire Right, Higher Profits - how to build a world-class sales force

Wow! I just finished reading a powerful, new book by Lee Salz and wanted to share it with you. Hire Right, Higher Profits has opened my eyes to a unique and effective way of hiring and onboarding salespeople.

How many times have your hired who you believed to be a great salesperson - only to walk that person out the door three months later? We’ve all done it. In Lee’s new book, he presents a methodology to never have that experience again!

The core of Hire Right, Higher Profits is based on Lee’s perspective that each member of a sales team represents a revenue investment made by the company. The book teaches you how to make informed revenue investment decisions and how to get a high rate of return on every revenue investment. Simply put, he teaches you how to hire right and generate higher profits.

This book requires a highlighter and notepad because there are so many great takeaways that you won’t want to miss any of them.  I highly recommend that you read Lee’s book. But don’t just read it, devour it!

In Hire Right, Higher Profits, you learn to:

• Shift your executive team’s perspective from hiring salespeople to investing in revenue
• Identify the factors that affect revenue investment performance – the causes of salesperson success or failure
• Assemble a candidate evaluation program to contrast candidates with the performance factors
• Protect the revenue investment through structured sales onboarding
• Design sales onboarding curriculum to get a fast, high return on the new revenue investments

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BONUS! You will also get Lee’s virtual training course, Get Your New Hire Salespeople Up to Speed… Fast!, a $99 value, that includes a 60-minute video program to help you implement this methodology in your company.

Hire Right, Higher Profits is a fun, educational read that is chock-full of stories. The concepts presented in the book can be implemented in any company, in any industry, of any size. Bottom line, this will transform your company. Grabyour copy now!

When you buy the book, be sure to read "Chapter 3: Hiring from the Competition” at least twice - it will change your recruiting practices forever. Check out HireRight, Higher Profits now.

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