The Entrepreneurs - Success and Sacrifice

Join me and my guest Kip Marlow of The Entrepreneur Club of America and Entrepreneur's Insight Radio, today at 1pm ET on Accelerate Your Business Growth radio show, for an engaging conversation about his book, The Entrepreneurs: Success and Sacrifice.
What does it really take to become a successful entrepreneur? Just ask those who have succeeded. The Entrepreneurs: Success and Sacrifice gathers the success stories of small business owners who have transformed small businesses into highly lucrative enterprises through vision, persistence, and plenty of sweat. Culled from Marlow's interviews on his popular radio show, "Entrepreneurs Club Radio," this highly motivational collection is an invaluable learning tool for anyone who wants to get ahead, and stay ahead, in their own business.

Author Kip Marlow tried his hand in the corporate world and failed. He then became an entrepreneur, founding Marlow Surgical Technologies, a company that marketed surgical instrumentation, some proprietary, for gynecology. After operating it for twenty-two years, Kip sold it to a NYSE company and retired. When he realized that retirement was boring, he re-entered the professional world, counseling and mentoring young entrepreneurs. This led to the launch of his radio show, "Entrepreneurs Club Radio" (, for which he interviewed hundreds of successful small business owners. This led to authoring of the book, The Entrepreneurs: Success and Sacrifice.

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