COSE Small Business Convention - A Must Attend!

The eight-annual Small Business Convention is the largest small business convention in the Midwest, bringing hundreds of small businesses together to motivate and inspire success. This two-day experience includes:

•    Keynote speakers – Inspiring you to take your business to the next level.   
                                   The Small Business Convention assembles a group of leading 

                                   keynote speakers to share insights, inspire and ignite the
                                   passion of small business owners to take their businesses to

                                   the next level.
•    Workshops – Fostering an environment where learning sparks new ideas.
                         The event offers more than 50 educational opportunities in a variety of
                         subjects, addressing the needs of today’s small businesses and setting
                         the stage for professional development and growth.
•    Networking – Connecting you to a community of your peers.
                         These networking opportunities bring small business owners together to
                         share ideas and experiences, and make valuable contacts with potential
                         partners and clients.
•    Exhibitors – Providing access to resources that help you grow.
                       SBC gathers more than 80 exhibitors that serve small businesses,
                       providing a one-stop opportunity to learn about the latest in product and
                       service offerings.

With so many educational opportunities available, make sure to attend Networking in the 21st Century presented by yours truly! You’ll learn how and where to network on and off line to grow your connections and your business.

Are you ready to discover your small business’ path to success? For more information and to register, visit Small Biz Convention

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