Strategies for Sales Success

Last week I had the good fortune to speak at the Global Leadership Mentoring Conference in Cleveland Ohio. As I considered what I wanted to say about sales success the same thought kept coming to mind - Clarity.

When we are clear we are able to make decisions that will move us forward. Out of that I came up with this acronym:

Calendarize - make sure you put your 'to-do' list on a calendar as specific events
Listen - the most important part of the sales process is intentional listening
Acknowledge - acknowledge your accomplishments, no matter how small
Rapport - build rapport with connections, colleagues, clients, and prospects
Innovate - don't be afraid to try different methods and tactics. This keeps it fresh
Thankfulness - be thankful for what you have and have accomplished as well as the
                          connections you have. 

Yardstick - measure your progress in small increments. This will keep it simple and doable.

Try it out and see how it works for you!

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