Knock Knock

Who's there? Hopefully it's you - visiting with your current clients. Regardless, you should know that your competition is visiting them. It is critically important to stay in contact with your clients.

Unfortunately, many of us get busy and convince ourselves that if the client needs something they'll call. That's pretty risky! You've heard it said that it is easier and less costly to get more business from current clients than it is to find new clients. Well, that's true.

Moreover, it is your responsibility to reach out, build the relationship, and let them know that you care about their success. The more connected you are to your current clients, the more they feel valued. When they feel valued they are more likely to stick around. And, when you are keeping in contact with them you are finding out what they need. When you know what they need you can connect them to solutions. You've just increased your value to them.

Sales is often about timing. You want to be top of mind when the client needs what you have to sell. Wouldn't it be awful if your competition was the one paying attention to your client when the client needed something? It sure would!

So, start knocking! And I mean it - notice I didn't say calling. Okay, you can call to make the appointment. Just know that what you want is to sit down with the client and have a conversation. So, make the call, get the meeting and go visiting. Take them cookies, or a plant, or something!

Let them know you care about them and they'll value you. What a great trade off!

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