Do What You Love

Today I had the pleasure of hearing JJ DiGeronimo of Purposeful Woman speak at the WIN Cleveland meeting. She talked about having it all, and alignment, and purpose. It was a great talk about how we, as women, tend to think we have to be all things to all people. Unfortunately, that doesn't work!

JJ shared some great ideas on how to determine what things we should be doing and which things we should be letting go. She talked about commitments and who requests them. Do we request them of ourselves? Do others request them of us? Are we saying 'yes' all the time? Should we be? Well, the answer to that is 'NO.'

JJ says that we should take a look at the things we are doing, evaluate the energy around them by asking ourselves:
Do I look forward to doing it?
Do I enjoy it while I'm doing it?

Do I want to do it again when I walk away from it?

When we can answer these questions we can get a better feel for the things we enjoy and those we don't. Then when we look at how those things align with our goals we can further determine whether we should be doing them or just saying 'no.'

These are wonderful guidelines for all of us - female and male. Take a minute to review how you spend your time. How fulfilled are you? What are you actually accomplishing? If you want to be successful - whatever that looks like for you - you have to pair down your activities so they are aligned with your goals, your skills, and your interest.

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