Do Go-Givers Really Sell More?

Shifting your focus from "getting to giving" is far from just's also very financially profitable!

Join me and my guest Bob Burg, on Monday, August 26, at 1pm ET on Accelerate Your Business Growth radio show, for an engaging conversation about "constantly and consistently providing value to the lives of others."

Bob Burg is a sought-after speaker at corporate conventions and for entrepreneurial events. He regularly addresses audiences ranging in size from 50 to 16,000 - sharing the platform with notables including today's top thought leaders, broadcast personalities, Olympic athletes and political leaders including a former United States President.

Today's show is sponsored by WIN Cleveland. WIN Cleveland is an organization that empowers female professionals by creating new access points for individual business development. They support one another by providing continual professional growth, sharing a wide variety of ideas and resources and assisting select women-based charities within their community. Visit for more information.

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