How To Get What You Want

How do you get what you want? Well, it's all about having a plan, a purpose and gaining momentum… Join me on Monday at 1pm ET on Accelerate Your Business Growth when my guest will be Odette Laurie.

Odette will share:
·         Where to start so you can create something so extraordinary with your life.
·         How to get out of your own way so you can make a lot of money doing what you love.
·         How to create a plan to get your momentum going and get results quickly
·         That you can have a life and a business that gets you jumping out of bed each morning – juiced up and ready to make things happen.

Odette Laurie is a business coach, speaker extraordinaire, kick-ass coach, and supermom. She is the founder of Women on Top and creator of popular programs like In it to Win it! and the Profit Domination Club.

Odette is all about looking beyond the problem and uncovering the possibilities. YOUR possibilities. Odette is an award-winning entrepreneur with multiple business ventures under her belt. Odette helps her clients get the strategies in place so they can have the business and life of their dreams.

The show is sponsored by The Family Business Forum. Visit the website to learn more about the Open House on June 27th and the group coaching programs for family business leaders.

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