Business Techniques in Troubled Times

Business Techniques in Troubled Times by Thomas Gray is an outstanding tool for small business owners everywhere. This detailed book provides tools, techniques, and strategies for every aspect of a small business. Interestingly the title is a little misleading! The information in this book is valuable regardless of the economic times, in my opinion. 

One of the things I found most valuable is the way the book is structured. A small business owner can jump to a section where they are experiencing issues that need resolution, or they can read straight through. 

In addition, there is real content in this book. It isn't a philosophical diatribe about the theory of small business success. It provides tactical, specific ideas for fixing and improving processes and policies. There's even a section about family businesses! I highly recommend this book to every small business owner who is ready to evaluate and adjust to improve their results.

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Tom Gray said...

Diane, Thanks for the review! I've posted an excerpt on Would you be willing to post that or your own excerpt as a customer review on the book's page at The link is
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