Content Is King

We live in a new economy where content is a marketing vehicle. The days of pushing your product or service are over. Thank goodness! Today, sharing valuable information with your audience is the way to grow your business.

When you share your knowledge, as well as the knowledge of others, you position yourself as an expert and a giver. Potential clients get the opportunity to learn about you, develop trust in you, and decide to work with you. Today, everyone Googles what they want to know. Consumers are more informed because they can be. 

So, how are you showing up?

Try this process on for size:
1. List 3-5 topics within your business that you have expertise in; things you could talk about.
2. Create subtopics under each of them
3. Pick a day to create some content
4. Decide if you are going to write blog posts, create videos, or both
5. On that day, create a handful of items
6. Throughout the next couple of weeks disperse those items on your blog, on social media, and in your newsletter (if you have one)

Using this process can keep you on track and consistent with your content. Pay attention to the results you start to realize. And remember, it takes time to make an impression so don't stop! 

Let me know how it works out for you and what you've decided to share! And have fun - it'll make it easier to implement.

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