When It Comes to Your Biz Plan Wear Rose-Colored Glasses

When it comes to business plans, most business owners don’t realize that it’s not about the plan, it’s about the act of planning. Don’t get stuck navigating obstacles while planning. Put on your rose-colored glasses and think “Perfect World”.  Join me and my guest Susan Swartzwelder on Accelerate Your Business Growth radio show on Monday at 1pm, as we explore this critical topic.

Susan is a small business specialist serving the special needs of start-up companies and growing businesses ready to take a fresh approach to reinventing themselves.

Since 2010, Susan has been developing new workshops to teach simplicity around business and strategic planning. Her mission is to get owners to focus on the action rather than the object. And she believes if you aren’t having fun, you should change your approach.

In June 2011, Susan launched a networking group for business women in Geauga County called The Red Key Network. Its primary function is to support women in business in the local community. The group has grown from 10 to 70 members in just 18 months. 

Today's show is sponsored by The Opportunity Network. This structured B2B referral program is enhanced with peer discussions around business topics. Visit Opportunity Network to find a chapter near you.

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