What Can You Do?

  • What can you do this week to connect with your current clients? 
  • Are you in conversation with them on a regular basis? 
  • Do you know what's going on with them?

It's easy to get busy doing client work, filling orders, prospecting for new business. Depending on where our focus is, we can find ourselves neglecting our current clients. I don't mean that we aren't doing the work we said we'd do. I'm saying that we aren't building the relationships with those clients.

These relationships are important. When we know what's going on with our clients we can continue to help them. We can connect them to other resources. We can reinforce our value to our clients. Moreover, our clients want to know that they matter to us. When we are communicating with them we are letting them know that we care about them, about their success.

If you aren't in front of your clients building those relationships you run the risk that your competition is. And then when they need something new, guess where they'll go? Right! To the person who is paying attention to them.

So, what can you do this week to reach out to your current clients and let them know you care?

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