Great Customer Service Matters

I took my car to the mechanic yesterday for a variety of things. Some I thought might be serious and others I thought were minor but necessary. He checked it out and called me with an update. To my delight he told me that the things I was worried about were no big deal and didn't need to be dealt with.


A mechanic who didn't just do work on my car and charge me a lot for it? How delightful!

It is this honesty and level of customer service that keeps me coming back to him. He's not going to take advantage of the fact that I'm a woman and ignorant about cars. Instead, he helps me keep my car running, with over 120,000 miles on it!

How are you creating great customer service experiences in your business? They really matter. Take some time and think about how you could give even a little bit more to your clients. It increases their loyalty to you, and can lead to a lifetime of referrals.

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Kip Marlow said...

Nice article and so true. I went to a car mechanic and was greeted by an employee with rings in his lips, and left with the steering wheel not placed correctly. (I almost broke a rib getting into my own car.) Then over the next two days it smelled of burnt oil. Never again. I should have known there would be a problem when I met the first employee.