3 Legs of Sales Success

Yesterday I spoke to the Heights-Hillcrest Chamber of Commerce about sales. I believe that sales is relatively easy when you remember some basic principles. I think of it as a 3 legged stool.

The 3 legs are Value, Relationships, and Systems.

At the end of my presentation someone asked me which one I thought was the most important. That was a tough question for me. I believe that you need all three working in concert with each other in order to be successful at sales. 

There were other people who thought one or the other part was more significant. One person said understanding your value is the key, while another person said that it is the relationships that are more important.

While I still believe that all three are equally important, you may find one holding higher value for you. And it could be that this is the one you feel you need to work on. Or it may be the one you feel strongest about. Whatever your situation, I submit it is a good idea to visit the three legs and make sure you are strong in all of them. Set yourself up for success!

So, what do you think? Is there one that weighs heavier for you or do you think they are equally important to your success?

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