Believe To Grow

Many small business owners struggle with growth. Often times it's because they don't believe they can. What belief do you hold about your product or service? How do you feel about your ability to grow your business?

Your product/service
If you don't believe it is the best solution for certain issues then no one else will. Remember that your product or service is not right for everyone. It's right for those people or companies that need it. So, switch your thinking. We get ourselves into a bind when we believe that 'everyone is a prospect.' When we hold this belief and people/companies don't buy, our confidence wanes. 

However, if we understand that there are target markets for our product/service then we know it's our job to go find them. We have to match our solution to their problem. Only then will they buy. When we hold this belief, we are stronger and more confident.

Your ability to grow your business
If you aren't comfortable with sales you have two choices - get comfortable or hire someone. It's really that simple. Sales isn't about convincing or persuading. It's about matching a solution to a need. Remember? Right!

It's my opinion that as the owner you have an obligation to sell. You are the face of your business. When you believe in your product/service and believe that it is the solution for specific needs, you should be able to talk about it. You can take a sales training program, sign up for a webinar, get coaching to learn how to prospect and sell.

If you just can't wrap your head around the idea of selling, hire someone. You can bring in a contract salesperson or hire directly. Make sure you have a clear view of what you expect and what the consequences are. Establish a reporting and management system that will ensure success. Once again, there is help out there for this kind of thing. Sales Architects is one example of great resources that are available to you.

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