A New Network for SMBs

You hear the buzz all the time about how small business is THE economic engine that is going to turn things around. That's because the experts know that more jobs are created by small business these days. While small businesses are the future of our economic success they are also the group with the greatest need for resources.

One resource that is newly available to small business is the Mastercard Business Network. This program was designed to provide small businesses with the same purchasing and expense reporting power that large corporations enjoy. Small businesses can sign up and take advantage of the discounts on over 600,000 products, the free integrated travel planner that helps small business owners control costs and save on travel and entertainment expenses, and the dining directory that allows you to not only find a restaurant but make the reservation and save it to your calendar.

There is also an expense reporting program with a free and a paid version that simplifies the reporting process and frees up valuable time. And one of my favorite aspects of the network is the networking forum where you can give and get business advice. It’s a community of small business owners and experts helping each other succeed. Any small business owner looking to streamline their operation and improve efficiencies should give this a good look. 

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