I'd Rather You Were Happy

Last Monday I had the pleasure of speaking with Kerry Heaps of Kerry's Network on my radio show, Accelerate Your Business Growth. We had a great conversation about networking and follow up.

During the conversation Kerry said something that really stuck with me - "I'd rather have you as a happy contact than an unhappy client." 

WOW! That has real impact. 

Too often we want so badly to have the revenue that we fail to think about the consequences. And those consequences can have long term impact. If you were to gain the client when they really weren't a good fit, the result would be less than good. They'd be unhappy, and frankly, you'd be unhappy. An unhappy client can create troubles for you in many ways. They can stick around, being unhappy, and taking all of your time. They can tell other people about their 'bad' experience. They will not refer you to others.

On the other hand, when you can keep yourself from engaging with the wrong client you'll capture time, good will, and growth.

Keep an eye on the prize, as my husband would say! It's not about any revenue; it's about the right revenue.

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