Grow Your People

When you lead you have choices. You can empower your people to excel or you can micromanage them. Guess which one works? Yep, empowerment every time. Unfortunately, many 'leaders' micromanage instead. It's as if they don't trust their employees. My question becomes - then why did you hire them?

Think about it. You hire someone because you think they have the skills and attitude you need. Once they are employed you put them in handcuffs and then wonder why they aren't successful. 

Your people are an asset. They are not only there to do their job, they are there to help you succeed. So, try something different. Tell your staff what you expect from them and what the consequences are of meeting the expectations, and of not meeting them. Then let them know how you will be monitoring their performance. Ask them for their input. What ideas do they have about how things could be done better? How would they like to be contributing to the growth of the company? When you treat them as part of the team, they'll act like it!

Of course, make sure you follow through with expectations and consequences. And then get out of their way. Let them do their job - let them succeed. It's really the easiest way to grow a business.

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