Get Out of Your Business

People wonder what the value is of attending conventions. Besides the educational workshops, there are other huge reasons for getting out of your business and working ON it. I recently attended the COSE Small Business Convention at the Kalahari Convention Center. For me it was three days of meeting people, reconnecting with people, learning, being motivated, and relaxing.

And yes, all of those things are important when you are running a business. When you take the time to remove yourself from the day to day operation of your business you give yourself a chance to re-energize, and re-evaluate. You can see things differently because you aren't right in it.

Also, you have the chance to commiserate with other business owners who are having their own experiences. You find that many of them 'feel your pain!' So, it's more than the education you get at the workshops; it's the education you can get, and give with the people you talk to.

A good convention gives you several opportunities to network with people you already know and meet some you don't. I do a lot of networking, so I can tell you that there is something different about convention networking. I've given it some thought and I believe it's the time you have. When you are at a convention for a couple of days you have time, you are more relaxed, and you're energy is not on the outcome. That ease translates into really getting to know people and making real connections.

So, the next time you find out about a convention consider going to it. Give some real thought to immersing yourself in you and your growth. Your business will be better for it.

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