Article Writing for Business Success

Let’s talk about marketing your business with my guest Diana Ennen of Virtual Word Publishing on Monday September 10th at 1pm on Accelerate Your Business Growth. Are you doing enough and getting the results you want? So many today just aren’t. That’s why we want to show you how you can get more for all you do and how to take your marketing full circle.
That’s right.  We'll show you how just one article can be used in many ways to help you grow your business. 
Diana Ennen has been a leader in the work-at-home industry since opening her business in 1985.  She’s the president of Virtual Word Publishing at, where she specializes in publicity and marketing and PR and VA Coaching.  She’s the author of numerous books on business start-ups and has been featured in major media including CBS4News, Fox News, CNN, Woman’s World Magazine, USA Today, Wall Street Journal. 

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