The Value of Customer Service

The other day I had lunch with Ellen Scheer of American Family Insurance. We had a great conversation about a lot of things. What really stood out for me was the part where she shared her customer service processes. 

Many people claim to believe in the value of customer service. However, most don't really institute programs that ensure they are going the extra mile. It's more like they get a spark of creativity and take brief action. They don't institute programs that can be implemented consistently. Times are very competitive and you need a differentiator. Customer service can be the difference between keeping and losing a client.

When you think about what matters to your clients, what they might want from you, is it doable? Will it set you apart? Will it show your clients that you really value them? Is it worth the cost? Can you afford to NOT do it?

Figure out what you can do to add value to your product or service. How can you show your clients that you value them? Then implement a system; make it a part of the daily routine. The payoff will be huge! 

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