Time To Hit Your Personal Reset Button

Today, you have an opportunity to acquire a resource that can and will change your life. Because today, June 12, 2012, I am proud to introduce you to top selling author and CEO Advisor Allan Cox’s ninth book “WHOA! Are They Glad You’re in Their Lives?”

Unique, different, thought-provoking, this 21st Century Handbook is filled with 52 weeks of Tweets (365 gems of wisdom), accessible poetry and contemplative four-color photography – to help put today’s overworked and overwhelmed readers back on track to their own personal road to reflection and reassessment.

Allan has created a guide to help you tap into your unique strengths, reassess where you are, whom you care about most, and what path you need to be on to grow personally, professionally and spiritually. It’s right up your self-contemplative alley. In essence, Allan’s showing you how to


A few years ago, Allan was featured on the Starbuck’s Cup series “The Way I See It’. To paraphrase, he said ….By the time most of us reach our 40s, we’ve gotten so caught up with life, mortgages, raising a family, being a good spouse, climbing the corporate ladder, cutting the crabgrass, we’ve lost, misplaced or painted over the person we started out to be.

While you’re paying your bills, you may not be nurturing key relationships, and YOU may not be who or where you expected to be. You have unique gifts and talents that are hardwired into your system. Allan says Find Them! Reclaim Them! They’re There!

Visit http://WhoaAreTheyGlad.com and get started.

Our daily lives are so complicated today as we balance competing demands, sip from the 24/7 fire hose of information and navigate these increasing turbulent political and economic times.

We’d all like to take the time to stop, smell the coffee and contemplate life…as well as where/how we fit in. Who among us doesn’t seek a better balance in our work and personal relationships?

“WHOA! Are They Glad You’re In Their Lives?” is a book that guides readers to come of age – as executives, parents, spouses - to become who they genuinely want to be. 

Don’t Wait. Please visit  http://WhoaAreTheyGlad.com to explore all that’s available for your personal growth.

As part of a well-orchestrated campaign to get Allan’s new book to the #1 spot on Amazon.com, I agreed to get the word out and hope that you will order your copy today, Tuesday, June 12, 2012.

To prime the pump, for today only, Allan is including a series of Bonus Gifts that are yours absolutely FREE – only if you order online at http://WhoaAreTheyGlad.com today, Tuesday, June 12.

Among the exclusive offers from renowned experts are
  • 5 Downloads of Chapters & Interview Guides from Allan’s previous books
  • ‘You Were Born Rich’ PDF from Bob Proctor, featured in “The Secret”
  • Dr. Joe Rubino’s public television video ‘The #1 Ingredient for Success and Happiness in Life’
  • The Question of Faith Workbook from best-selling author Tor Constantino
  • Coach Mary Allen’s 12 Week E-Course ‘Living in Choice’   
  • Kevin Eikenberry’s Teleseminar-Learn the Keys to Becoming A Remarkable Listener
  • Author Tim Milburn’s e-book TWEEDERSHIP      

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