Can You Handle The Truth?

My friend Connie Abood of Market Pulse, Inc. wrote this blog post and I love it! So, I'm sharing it with all of you.

I recently bought a new car and it truly was a great experience. My Sales Rep made things happen that a previous dealership I visited could only dream of. I knew my purchase would be followed by a customer satisfaction survey that I would gladly complete. Then my wonderful Sales Rep gave me the dreaded instructions – to give him the highest possible ratings – along with a horror story about another Sales Rep that missed out on a major bonus because one customer provided a low rating. I’m a nice person so how can I possibly rate him anything lower than a “5” and take food out of the mouths of his children?
 In this case, I would have rated him a “5” across the board even if he hadn’t asked. But because of the pressure to provide high ratings, there was no way for me to really call out his top-notch service so he ends up getting the same rating as the mediocre Sales Reps.
 And what if I hadn’t been so happy? What if there was one area where I really thought improvement was needed? Would I be willing to jeopardize a person’s livelihood over it? Probably not because I don’t believe the company really cares about customer satisfaction.
 Whenever a representative tells me what rating I need to provide, I know their company can’t handle the truth. They don’t really want to know what their customers think or how to improve – they simply want to be able to quote a high percentage of satisfied customers.
 So, the next time you ask your customers to spend some of their valuable time answering a survey for you, make it easy for them to tell the truth…and be ready to handle it!

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