Energy Makeovers for the Sales Professional

Monday's Accelerate Your Business Growth Radio show features Betsy Muller, President of The Indigo Connection. Anyone who sells knows that it takes energy to keep up the stamina, creativity, and positive connection. Coach and bestselling author Betsy Muller has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and sales professionals rev up their energy so that they operation with greater health, purpose, awareness and intuition. During the show she’ll share some of the top energy drains sales professionals have admitted behind closed doors and the self-care coaching solutions which have worked so well to restore balance and resilience. Come away with tips that will help you deepen relationships, recharge more effectively, and serve your market in ways that make a very positive difference.

Today’s show is sponsored y WIN Cleveland. WIN Cleveland is an organization that empowers female professionals by creating new access points for individual business development. They support one anther by providing continual professional growth, sharing a wide variety of ideas and resources, and assisting select women-based charities within their community. Visit for more information.

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