Unleash the Power of Focus on Accelerate Your Business Growth Radio

Join me Monday, February 13th at 1pm ET on Accelerate Your Business Growth Radio show when my guest Christine Giri will be talking with us about how harnessing focus can help us realize our success.

Having a relaxed mind is the power behind the focus and creativity needed to build a thriving company.  Learn the strategies for managing your inbox, social media, your clients, your schedule, and creating the processes in your business to help you use more time more effectively.  When you eliminate wasted efforts you are less constrained by time and more open to getting things done. The results will bring your attention back to what is important to move your business forward.

Consultant and Speaker, Christine Giri founded Time Tamer Consulting with the belief that time spent effectively is not about Daytimers and Blackberries, but is about combining focus with innovative systems that reflect the needs and direction of their business.  Christine works with high-performers to increase their individual and business effectiveness. 

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