Jeffrey Rayport Speaks

Jeffrey Rayport has a keen understanding of customer behavior and marketing. When he spoke at the COSE Small Business Conference in October he shared 5 marketing tips along with some other information. He had a lot to say in a very short period! He left us with great new ways of approaching our marketing.

One of the things that he said was 'the web has verticalized commerce.' This is a critical statement. It says that the playing field has been leveled and small business can now compete with big business. We shouldn't worry that we are small. Frankly, we should embrace our size! It allows us to be nimble and flexible. We can more easily adapt to our clients and therefore, help them in ways larger companies can't.

Here are Jeffrey's 5 marketing tips. Take them into consideration as you plan your strategy.

1. Target your diehard fans and empower them. 

2. Socialize the brand.

3. Work the web

4. Experience is everything (***make sure your customers are having an experience. It matters)

5. Integrate the touch points

My takeaway from this is simply consider how your prospects think and buy when marketing to them. Create a strategy that keeps them at the forefront and they will respond.

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