When The Phone Doesn't Ring

Do you find that sales are great as long as the phone is ringing? So, what happens when the phone doesn't ring? Do sales dry up? If so, you weren't selling; you were taking orders. Sales is an activity that starts with you. Decide who your target market is and then create a plan to pursue them.

YOU have to take action. If you wait for the phone to ring you might want to spend your time applying for jobs, because guess what? You will be out of business in no time. Harsh words? Possibly. Yet truthful.

Get active. Make calls. Attend events. Write blog posts. Interact with people. Ask for referrals. Do whatever it takes to get the sales in the door. You'll feel much better because you will be in control. When you wait for the phone to ring, you are putting the control in other people's hands. That can't feel good.

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