Google+ For Business

Yesterday I was a guest on The Entrepreneur's Insight Radio show on WELW. I participate on this show about once a month to talk about social media and business. Yesterday I told the host, Kip Marlow, that I thought Google+ will actually compete with LinkedIn, not Facebook.

Bombshell? I don't think so! I think those people who are talking a close look at Google+ and what it's intent and value are understand that it is a platform that will be very valuable to small business. Well, Facebook is still a social network. While it has tried to position itself as a business platform with it's Fan Pages, it has a long way to go. I think we all agree that the Fan Pages work well for b2c companies but not so well for b2b.

So, where does a b2b get traction? On LinkedIn. Right! LinkedIn is really the platform that has been positioned as THE business site. Now, when we look at the plan for Google+ we see that it is positioning itself to be a business platform. Therefore, it will be competing with LinkedIn, not Facebook.

Now that you've seen my logic, check out this article by Chris Brogan on Open Forum.

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