The Other Side of Sales

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a COSE Home Business Network Roundtable where Maia Beatty of Maia Beatty & Associates, Inc. was the presenter. Her topic was ‘The Other Side of Sales: Creating Great Customer Relationships.

I learned an awful lot that morning. A couple of things she talked about really struck me. They weren’t necessary new to me but the way she shared them helped me really understand them better. I’d like to share them here.

The first thing that struck me was the idea that there is more than one way to be in a conversation with your clients. I think we start to believe that we should be all business. And that we sometimes get so focused on what we offer, or want to sell, that we forget to really talk with our clients. And to really listen.

This brings me to the following statement ‘When you don’t talk first you have the power because you get to hear what the other person needs.’


Now, that’s a powerful statement.  I never thought about it in terms of power but it is true. When you are with a prospect or client, listening is the best activity to perform. We are told that and many of us know that. I’m just not sure we think about the power of not talking first! In my opinion, this way of thinking provides the clearest insight into why listening matters. I think it shoots right to the point of the matter and keeps it simple.

Maia talks about 3 gears. First gear is when you are thinking about yourself, your beliefs, your way of viewing the world. Second gear is when you can see things from the other person’s perspective; having empathy. Third gear is when you are completely objective and unemotional; give me the facts.

According to Maia, (and I agree with her) first gear will kill your sales. You need to get into second gear to sell effectively. Think about it. You have to be able to see things from the prospect or client’s perspective. You have to be able to understand what they need. You can’t do that in first gear because you when you are in first gear you think you are right and anyone who sees things differently is wrong. That doesn’t work in sales.

Some really great lessons for us and ideas to consider when we are dealing with our clients and prospects.

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