1 in 20

So many people are struggling these days with time management. I hear it all the time 'I just need to figure out how to schedule an hour a day . . . '

Here's a thought - STOP trying!

I think the mistake we make is trying to carve out big blocks of time. They're too big so we don't do it. Let's face it, if we had an hour to do something, well, we'd be totally organized and productive!

Try looking at it differently. Compartmentalize. Pick 1 thing to do in 20 minutes in one day. Don't over-analyze it or worry over it. Just set out to do 1 thing in 20 minutes today. Tomorrow you can pick a different thing to do in 20 minutes.

This serves two purposes
1. it helps you break your tasks down into little bite-size, DOABLE, pieces.
2. it puts that thing into a little space so you can do it and move on.

When you work this way you will find that you are accomplishing things. This will prompt you to continue the process, which will serve to accomplish more and more things in your business. How great is that??!!

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