This Is How We Heal The World

Do a good turn for the sake of doing good.

I have a story to share that I hope will fill you up.

A couple of weeks ago I went to a Panera to meet a client. I was standing in line when a woman came up behind me, lightly touched my shoulder, and quietly told me that I had a strap hanging out of my shirt. I was so grateful to her. If she hadn't said something I would have gone all day looking like an idiot! She said that she would hope someone would do the same for her. Well, I'm sure we can all relate! Most times we don't think to go out of our way to help someone we don't know.

Yet, there she was, reaching out. I saw that she was sitting with her young son. As a way to say thank you, I bought them a bag of cookies and took it to their table. She was surprised and didn't want to accept them. I, however, insisted. Good deeds should be rewarded. And I wanted her son to see that his mother had done a good thing, helped another person, and was rewarded for it beyond the good feeling.

Fast forward to yesterday. I went to the Small Business Symposium at Lakeland Community College to sell books at an exhibit table. As I walked back over to the table, there she was! She introduced herself, bought a book, and told me her story from that day.

You see, when she got there with her son and got in line, the man in front of her let her cut in line so she wouldn't be late. His kindness touched her so she bought his coffee. Get it? A good deed rewarded.

She paid it forward by helping me. And I rewarded her. And on it goes. This really is how we heal the world.

From a business standpoint (because you know I like my writing to relate to business whenever possible), this is a story about giving to others without an expected outcome. When you are giving in your business dealings and relationships, you are rewarded. And this is how you do great things for your business.

No matter how you slice it, this is the way to be, in business, and in life. I hope you enjoy helping others for it's own sake, and realizing the rewards the universe presents to you. This experience has been richly rewarding for me!


Less Jess said...

I loved reading your entry today. I truly enjoy seeing how all humanity is so interconnected. I especially love to see those connections through stories of random acts of kindness. Thank you so much for sharing.

I thought you might like to hear about my random act of kindness story. Check it out on my friend's blog (I wrote it as a guest blogger):

I hope other readers share their stories with you too in your comments so we can hear more. Love those stories!!!

PS...I am not shamelessly promoting a blog for business here. :) The above listed blog was simply a class project a fellow student worked on last semester and I wrote a guest blog entry. Thought you might enjoy the story.

Diane said...

Thank you so much for sharing your story. It is truly moving and you, my dear, are the kind of person who is healing the world. I Love, love, love it!!!!
And I just tweeted your story. It moved me. And you inspire me.