Messaging Misstep #2

Have you seen this Virgin Mobile commercial about 'Sparah'? For the life of me I can't figure out what the commercial theme has to do with a cell phone. In the commercial we see a business woman welcoming two young 'celeb couple' people while holding her phone in her hand. She walks around with them talking about what they will be doing.

However, she never uses the phone to actually do anything. She merely holds it in her hand. So what does the ad have to do with the phone? it's capabilities? it's value?

If you see something I don't in this ad, please comment and fill me in. I am truly missing something.

Because I can't connect the dots I'm left to wonder about the actual value of the phone. Is it really something I would want to buy? Something I'd find useful? I have no way of knowing because they say nothing about the phone! There is no real marketing message anywhere in the ad. Time and money wasted in my opinion.

To top it off the ad is stupid. There's no real point to it. So, the information I'm left with is, the company has no message. Hmmm . . .  not really a message you'd want to convey, is it?

What say you?

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